1. Be Very Specific in Your Ad

Don’t go sending out an Ad that has less than a 100 words and expect not to be flooded with applications. If you are looking for a social media VA, then specify what you want the VA to do. If you want the VA to create graphics then say you want Photoshop experience. If you want the VA to update social media profiles, link them to other platforms and so on, then ask for a linkbuilding guru. I reiterate, be very specific! If you are looking for a call center VA, again, specify the roles and what is expected. This narrows down the applications big time!

2. Give a Small Task 

Nobody likes performing unpaid tasks especially freelancers. They work online to sustain themselves. So having a small task beforehand will help you sort through a lot of applications. Reason being, being a great VA is all about following instructions by making sure all Ts are crossed and Is dotted. Just alert them pretty early that the task is unpaid. So for example, you might opt to ask for a one-minute video where an applicant talks about their VA experience or ask them to do a small online research. If the job entails graphics, let them create a very small image. Alternatively, they can send in portfolios. I assure you, this helps eliminate a whole bunch of regurgitated applications. 

3. Don't Judge The Book By its Cover

Employers are inclined to rejecting applications simply because the applicant is not in Asia, or Philippines or Canada. You have to understand that virtual assistance is a global business. People are looking for assistance from anywhere so long as the personnel is competent. Why pay more to someone who can barely get something done, when you can have a project completed on time by a qualified VA located in South Africa, or Australia? Think about it. Don’t limit your scope. I’ve seen VAs located in the UK working for someone in China, or Dubai, or USA. It really doesn’t matter where you are geographically located. So long as the VA can deliver, then give them a go.

4. Look at Quality Not Quantity

Many times employers want to pay very little for so much. If you want quality work, then you’ve got to pay for the services. When you decide to invest in cheap, you get cheap results. Don’t blame anyone but yourself. Truth be told, any VA charging less than $2 an hour most likely they are trying to get their foot through the door. If it’s simple tasks, yes, then go ahead and hire a VA for $1 an hour. But if you know that your company literally depends on the VA’s time management and ability to deliver, then you’ve got to cough up some more dollars. 

5. Go Long-Term VA

Don’t look for a short-term VA if you want a good investment. Be willing to accommodate a virtual assistant in your company or business whether it’s part time or full time. Reason being, when a VA feels valuable, you can always count on their loyalty. Anytime you need something done, you can always go back to them. So you may decide to pay them on a per hour basis as opposed to giving them a monthly income. This will help you cut down on expense but at the same time, make sure that on a weekly basis, they are earning something.